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Did Wishart and Nicholson get Daisley gagged?

20/08/2016 by Alfie Baron

The Herald is reporting that SNP MPs Pete Wishart and John Nicholson have met with STV executives. It seems that Stephen Daisley hasn't had an article published since the outcome of this meeting.

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MP Anne McLaughlin in new hospital row

22/08/2016 by Alfie Baron

SNP MP Anne McLaughlin has found herself involved in a new hospital row. With just days to go before the Holyrood election Anne McLaughlin sent a letter to constituents on Commons headed paper stating that she has: "received unequivocal assurance that Lightburn hospital is under no threat of closure".

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Julie McAnulty has her SNP membership reinstated

19/08/2016 by

Julie McAnulty has had her SNP Membership reinstated.

it was widely reported in February of this year that Julie McAnulty had been suspended after allegedly telling a colleague that she wanted "to get the Pakis out of the party".

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Julie Webster of Greater Maryhill Foodbank arrested

18/08/2016 by Alfie Baron

Julie Webster, the founder of Greater Maryhill Foodbank has been arrested following a lengthy probe by Police Scotland.

We reported back in March that the Greater Maryhill Foodbank was to close.

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Joan Sturgeon steps down as provost of North Ayrshire Council

18/08/2016 by Alfie Baron

The ruling SNP group have all resigned from administration following the failure of Robin Sturgeon's attempt to be elected. The failure meant the SNP group only had 11 councillors with opposition having 12. It is believed that Labour had hinted they would like to stage a takeover and take control of the council.

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SNP MPs didn't attend vital tugboat meetings

21/08/2016 by Alfie Baron

It has come to light that 5 SNP MPs have been listed as having failed to attend vital meetings concerning Coastguard tugs in the north of Scotland.

Five Highlands and Islands MPs failed to attend three Edinburgh meetings which resulted in the Orkney tugboat being retained.

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Richard and Marina Lyle in new property row

14/08/2016 by Alfie Baron

Reports are suggesting that father and daughter MSP Richard Lyle and councillor Marina Lyle have failed to register property on a register of interests.

it is understood a complaint is being registered with the Standards Commission for Scotland.

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SNP Ayr civil war continues

14/08/2016 by Alfie Baron

Constituency association secretary, Tracey Wallace, is reported to have claimed: “I don’t know who to trust in this party anymore”. It is believed the outburst follows orders from party bosses to withdraw unfavourable minutes regarding Jennifer Dunn.

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Joan Sturgeon in nepotism row

13/08/2016 by Alfie Baron

SNP Councillor, and mother of First Minister Nicola, Joan Sturgeon has taken to Facebook to defend her husband Robin in a nepotism row!

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Robin Sturgeon loses to Labour

12/08/2016 by Alfie Baron

Robin Sturgeon has lost out on a seat in the Irvine West by-election. Nicola Sturgeon's father lost the seat to Labour's Louise McPhater.

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Kezia Dugdale: No deal with the SNP

12/08/2016 by Alfie Baron

Kezia Dugdale has today written to Labour party members to make it clear that Scottish Labour will not support a deal between Labour and the SNP.

The letter follows recent speculation and comments made by Labour MP's.

Comments have suggested that the Labour party should work with the SNP to keep the Tories out of power.

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SNP John Swinney to pause 'unlawful named person policy'

09/08/2016 by Alfie Baron

Ruth Davidson took to Twitter this morning to announce: "John Swinney has written to MSPs to say he's pausing Named Persons. In truth, he should scrap it and start again."

There is a link to the Scottish Conservatives site where the introduction is: "Education secretary John Swinney has confirmed the unlawful named person policy has been put on hold."

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SNP depute leader contender up for a referendum on the monarchy

02/08/2016 by Alfie Baron

SNP MEP Alyn Smith, who has aspirations of becoming the SNP's Depute Leader, has declared that he is not against a referendum on the monarchy after Scotland regains independence.

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Embarrassment for Sturgeon & SNP as Named Person scheme requires changes

28/07/2016 by

A Supreme Court ruling today should embarrass Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP after their Named Person scheme requires changes.

Judges have ruled that the Named Person scheme has parts which breach rights to privacy and family life under the European Convention on Human Rights.

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Camp Stupid campaigners to be evicted

27/07/2016 by Alfie Baron

The Camp Stupid campaigners have lost their legal fight against eviction from their Holyrood camp.

Lord Turnbull has ruled that human rights would not be breached if the eviction took place. "IndyCamp" was setup in 2015 and campaigners vowed to stay until Scotland became independent.

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SNP Kirsty Blackman cautioned for taking children to Westminster Committee

26/07/2016 by Alfie Baron

It is currently being reported that Kirsty Blackman has been cautioned for turning up to an EVEL meeting with her two children in tow!

She was unable to find childcare in London. Yes, London!

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SNP: 12 betrayals against Scotland by Westminster

24/07/2016 by Alfie Baron

SNP MP for Perth, Pete Wishart, is having another whinging session this morning complaining about English Votes, 'your Westminster' and how Scotland 'never gets its way'.

Pete Wishart points to a piece in the Herald suggesting Westminster has betrayed Scotland 12 times in 12 months...

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SNP Ayr Branch 'at war' with Corri Wilson & Chic Brodie under the spotlight again

23/07/2016 by Alfie Baron

Reports have been circulating for a few days which suggest the SNP Ayr Branch is 'at war' following the disappointing campaign to elect Jennifer Dunn.

Jennifer Dunn was beaten by Tory John Scott. Dunn lost by about 750 votes.

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George Kerevan: Independent Scotland to cut its budget coat to fit its fiscal means

19/07/2016 by Alfie Baron

Is George Kerevan actually starting to talk sense and has reality set in?

MP for East Lothian George Kerevan seemed to say that a new Independent Scotland would have to make cuts if there was a new Scottish currency.

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SNP upset after losing Trident renewal vote

19/07/2016 by Alfie Baron

The House of Commons has backed the renewal of the UK's Trident nuclear weapons system by 472 votes to 117.

Cue Pete Wishart and the SNP gang to start bleating and moaning about losing the vote. All 54 SNP MPs and 2 Independent ex-SNP MPs voted against the renewal of Trident.

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Theresa May meets Carwyn Jones - who displays the correct flag protocol!

18/07/2016 by Alfie Baron

The Welsh First Minister, Carwyn Jones, outshone Nicola Sturgeon during his meeting today with Conservative Leader Theresa May. During photographs with Theresa May the correct protocol was followed and the Union Flag was shown in honour of the visitor.

Mr Jones tweeted: "My meeting with @theresa_may was a constructive & positive start to our working relationship".

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SNP hypocrites 'pay £1m a month to Trident makers Lockheed Martin'

17/07/2016 by

It is being widely reported today that SNP hypocrites are paying 'almost £ 1 million a month to Lockheed Martin' - the makers of Trident missiles.

SNP MPs will vote against the renewal of Trident in the House of Commons this week.

Angus Robertson, the SNP's Westminster leader, called for Theresa May to delay the decision over the "immoral, obscene and redundant weapons system".

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Nicola Sturgeon disrespects Theresa May by displaying two Saltires

16/07/2016 by Alfie Baron

New Tory leader and Prime Minister Theresa May made an effort this week to visit Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland to discuss the recent EU Referendum results.

Keen eyed viewers of the released photographs immediately noticed that there were two saltires in place - and no Union Flag. We think this is totally disresepectful to both Theresa May and the rest of the Union.

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Theresa May upsets the SNP with 'you've had your vote' speech

16/07/2016 by Alfie Baron

Following here meeting with the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon Theresa May made it abundantly clear that the Scots have "had their vote" on independence.

Speaking about the prospect of a second Scottish independence referendum, May said: “I think the question is: should there be another referendum?”

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The SNP's Independence plans are a dog's breakfast

17/07/2016 by Alfie Baron

In the words of Pete Wishart - the SNP's plans for a new Independence referendum are a total dog's breakfast. Yes, he really uses that term...

They haven't put any serious thought or decision making processes into action for currency or borders. First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, also believes Scotland could stay in the UK AND the EU.

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The Weirs hand over more lottery cash to the SNP

10/07/2016 by Alfie Baron

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been handed another loan from the Weirs pool of lottery cash. Chris and Colin Weir won over £160 million in 2011. It is anticipated that the Weirs will also donate or loan millions more if a second independence referendum is announced.

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SNP MPs go ballistic as Cameron announces 18th July Trident vote!

10/07/2016 by

David Cameron has announced that on July 18th MPs will vote on the renewal of the UK's nuclear weapons system, Trident. The vote will centre around the renewal of the full fleet of four nuclear submarines.

David Cameron said Trident was an "essential deterrent" to both Britain's security and the overall security of Nato.

Cue the SNP Outrage!

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Legal process may delay controversial Named Person Scheme

09/07/2016 by

It is being reported that John Swinney has written to Holyrood’s Education Committee to tell them that he may have to delay the implementation of the Named Person scheme this August.

Following a failed appeal with the Court of Session the Christian Institute and other groups have launched a legal challenge at the Supreme Court questioning the legality of the Named Person scheme.

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Nicola Sturgeon told: If the United Kingdom leaves... Scotland leaves.

29/06/2016 by

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been humiliated over her EU stance once again. She travelled to Brussels to attempt to negotiate to keep Scotland in the EU. It has been widely reported that France and Spain have made it perfectly clear this cannot, and will not, happen.

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SNP MEP Alyn Smith tells Brussels: UK is not a country

10/07/2016 by Alfie Baron

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has stood up in Brussels and said that Scotland should get a special deal with with EU because, wait for it, the "UK is not a country"!

Alyb Smith was speaking at the European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs when he played his master card. Alyn Smith said the Scottish Government “will come to you with solutions” and warned that barring Scotland would help the EU’s enemies.

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Nicola Sturgeon denied talks with the EU

28/06/2016 by

The last few days have seen Nicola Sturgeon appear to suggest that the Scottish Government could veto the UK's exit from the European Union and that she would bypass the UK Government and lobby the EU directly. She was planning a visit to Brussels to discuss Scotland being allowed to stay in the European Union.

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Could Scottish Government block EU Exit? Sturgeon thinks so!

26/06/2016 by Alfie Baron

Whilst on the Sunday Politics Scotland programme First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has said she believes there should be a legislative consent motion (or motions) offered to the Scottish Government before the UK could leave the EU.

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SNP to legislate for second independence referendum

26/04/2016 by Alfie Baron

Nicola Sturgeon has announced that the Scottish Government are to "prepare the required legislation to enable a new independence referendum to take place if and when Parliament so decides."

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SNP Pete Wishart: There is a growing ugliness in the political discourse particularly though social media

18/06/2016 by Alfie Baron

Pete Wishart has apparently said: "public figures are facing increasing levels of abuse on social media." Holy shit. Pete Wishart prides himself in stirring up hatred on Twitter. He's hitting his mute and block button so much I'm surprised he hasn't got RSI.

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ICO: No case to answer in Kezia Dugdale's SNP job application

18/06/2016 by

In April this year it was widely reported that Willie Rennie had made a complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office after it was reported that Kezia Dugdale, Labour party leader in Scotland, twice applied for roles within the SNP organisation.

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SNP Joanna Cherry, QC, attacks "appalling" England fans (who have undertones of racism)

14/06/2016 by

SNP MP Joanna Cherry, QC, has attacked England fans calling their behaviour "appalling" and suggesting there is an undertone of racism to the hooliganism.

In another, totally unsurprising, attack on the English she ranted on in the House of commons attacking England fans and said what angels the Tartan Army are.

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SNP's Tricia Marwick allegedly turns down Queen honour as it'd be hypocritical

11/06/2016 by

Dr Paul Monaghan tweeted earlier today that SNP Politician Tricia Marwick has declined an honour so that she doesn't appear as a hypocrite:

Dr Paul Monaghan's tweeted: "Well done to @theSNP's Tricia Marwick for declining an honour because she 'doesn't want to be a hypocrite'."

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Are East Kilbride SNP supporting the Leave campaign?

12/06/2016 by Alfie Baron

East Kilbride SNP are currently tweeting yet another link to an LSE Vote Leave article detailing how much easier it would be for Scotland to join the EU after a Brexit vote.

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Nicola Sturgeon claims an independent Scotland will use the pound

11/06/2016 by Alfie Baron

During the event the First Minister was pressed to detail what the independence case would be should the UK vote to leave the EU. At the event she claimed "the pound is Scotland's currency".

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Keith Brown: New Forth bridge will not open on time

08/06/2016 by Alfie Baron

SNP MSP Keith Brown, Cabinet Secretary for the economy, has announced that the new Queensferry Crossing will not be completed in December 2016 as originally announced.

Apparently "adverse weather conditions" in April and May are to blame for the delay! Its all win for the Scottish Government though as the contractual date for the opening is six months after the expected December date.

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SNP £12million Transition Training Fund is a shambles

06/06/2016 by Alfie Baron

The SNP announced the £12million Transition Training Fund to help redundant oil and gas workers to retrain was launched with a significant fanfare.

The idea was designed to help deal with a shortage of teaching staff by retraining redundant energy workers as teachers.

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SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson being investigated over landlord claims

05/06/2016 by Alfie Baron

A constituent, Ian Gemmell, reported Kenneth Gibson to the watchdog Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland. The complaint is now being investigated. Ian Gemmell has also pointed out that Kenneth Gibson should also have made it known that his wife, Westminster MP Patricia Gibson, also rents out private property.

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SNP Christina McKelvie tries to justify abstentions with ridiculous collateral

03/06/2016 by

As you all will all know SNP MPs abstained on 1st June voting on a Labour amendment to ban fracking in Scotland. Even screen grabs of previous Pete Wishart tweets slagging off the Labour Party appeared:

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When is a council tax freeze not a council tax freeze: Angus Council

04/06/2016 by Darren Little

When is a council tax freeze not a council tax freeze? When its Angus Council - that's when. Angus council have released a letter and various other communications stating that the garden waste collection service can no longer be provided "free of charge".

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Ex-SNP MP Natalie McGarry's house searched by Police Scotland

03/06/2016 by Alfie Baron

Reports are breaking that Ex-SNP MP Natalie McGarry has had her Shawlands based house searched by Police Scotland. Natalie McGarry is currently being investigated for two separate instances of missing money from accounts.

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SNP hypocrisy on fracking: SNP do the same thing they attacked Labour for

02/06/2016 by Alfie Baron

Yesterday the Scottish Parliament voted to support an outright ban on fracking. SNP MPs abstained on the Labour amendment which suggested there "should" be a full ban as part of a new environment debate.

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SNP MP Pete Wishart attempts to 'bully' journalist - JK Rowling intervenes

01/06/2016 by

Pete Wishart is the latest Scottish MP to get involved in a twitter spat with JK Rowling and come out of it in a bad light. His argument with Stephen Daisley and JK Rowling was simply purile. If this is the summer of wooing - it just ain't going to work!

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MSP Ash Denham - another case of hypocrisy - this time on fracking?

01/06/2016 by Alfie Baron

Ash Denham campaigned on "NO to fracking and YES to investment in renewable energy" rhetoric. Cut to 1st June and Ash Denham, along with other SNP MSPs, decided that they would abstain during a vote for an outright ban on fracking.

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Newly wed ex-SNP MP Natalie McGarry faces new police inquiry

31/05/2016 by

Aamer Anwar, solicitor for Natalie McGarry, has been called into action again. Newly wed ex-SNP MP Natalie McGarry is facing another police inquiry - again into alleged financial discrepancies.

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Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh preempts new initiative with her own tales

30/05/2016 by Alfie Baron

SNP MP Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh has spoken out about the "flood" of racist and sexist abuse she has endured in last year of being an MP. In fact, two of her abusers have appeared in court - and been convicted.

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Ex-SNP MP Natalie McGarry marries Tory David Meikle

30/05/2016 by Alfie Baron

Ex-SNP MP, now an independent MP, Natalie McGarry made a surprise announcement this weekend that she had married Tory David Meikle.

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MSP Ash Denham in new school hypocrisy row

29/05/2016 by Alfie Baron

The SNP's MP for Edinburgh East, Ash Denham, is embroiled in another "SNP hypocrisy" row. She represents a constituency where few children actually realise the dream of university education.

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Angela Crawley is hosting an Employment Fayre in Carluke Leisure Centre today

27/05/2016 by Alfie Baron

Angela Crawley is hosting an Employment Fayre in Carluke Leisure Centre today between 10am-2pm. It appears the event is going well with some encouraging names attending Angela's employment fair:

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Glasgow City Council to consider new school in Maryhill

27/05/2016 by

SNP MP Patrick Grady has been praising the "great work by Maryhill Councillors John Letford & Franny Scally" as they try to bring a primary school back to the Maryhill area. Previous years have seen Wyndford Primary, St Gregory's Primary and Our Lady of the Assumption Primary Schools closed with children having to travel outside of the area to be schooled.

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Lesley Riddoch: Diet and health are linked to indpendence

26/05/2016 by Alfie Baron

This isn't really an SNP based rant - but Lesley Riddoch is banging on about about how "the connection between health, diet and independence is even more important – and obvious."

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SNP For Leave - a new group to be formed?

25/05/2016 by Alfie Baron

Nicola Sturgeon and her staunchest allies are strongly in favour of remaining in the EU - but rumours are rife that a new splinter group is about to be formed to fight to leave the EU. It is thought the group has the backing of an MSP - but secrecy surrounds the identity of the MSP - for obvious reasons.

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Nicola Sturgeon's hypocrisy over election helicopter expenses

23/06/2016 by Alfie Baron

It has come to light today that the expenses for Nicola Sturgeon's election helicopter expenses were also registered as "national expenditure". She was quizzed in detail by Kay Burley.

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Pete Wishart asks Metropolitan Police to investigate Tory election fraud

22/05/2016 by Alfie Baron

With a series of police investigations under way, and Channel 4 already investigating, Pete Wishart has decided to hijack the process and try to get involved. Pete Wishart: "Why the Conservative Party must be investigated on #toryelectionfraud. My letter to the Metropolitan Police"

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SNP Stewart Hosie will not stand for re-election as Deputy Party leader

22/05/2016 by Alfie Baron

SNP Deputy Leader Stewart Hosie will not stand for re-election as Deputy Leader at the next SNP Party Conference.

He has written to Nicola Sturgeon outlining his reasons.

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Craig Melville - aide to Stewart Hosie is still suspended on FULL PAY

20/05/2016 by

Melville is currently suspended from Mr Hosie’s office, as well as the party, while an alleged gross misconduct charge is being investigated. He was suspended from Stewart Hosie's office in January following allegations he sent a barrage of abusive messages to a female SNP colleague.

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